Music 101: Where Is The Love?

Welcome to my page! My name is Highkuhi Dzhanszyan, I am a recent graduate from California State University, Northridge. I studied and received a B.A in English Literature. I plan to be involved in entertainment as I write motivational books, short pieces, and films. I have been an employee and an intern at various entertainment companies- Disney, DreamWorks Animation, and Paramount Studios to name a few. I have started this blog with the purpose of awakening people's conscience. Music plays an immense role within our daily lives, but what goes unnoticed many times is how the lyrics of a song affect our mood, tone, feelings, and thoughts. The quality of contemporary music bothers me to extents unimaginable. For this very reason, I'm on a musical search to find songs that give out a positive and meanigful message to its audience. As you read my posts you will better understand more about me. I am a woman who simply likes to respect and be respected. The concept of the term “respect” has a lot to do with the influences for this blog. I don’t see enough of it in this world and I strongly believe it has to do with the type of music and entertainment we feed our souls. Hope you enjoy!


It’s hard to beat the system when you’re standing from a distance…

"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future."   - 1984 — George Orwell

In conclusion, this video deliberately attempts to demonstrate the power concentrated principles America is essentially founded upon. It meticulously describes which institutions are most arduous, why they are so, and the reality that’s hidden beyond the surface of these dominating spheres. The purpose of this demonstration insinuates the power of words as the most essential factor and how it must be watered down within such a power concentrated society. With words come descriptions, with descriptions come identity, with identity come opinions, and with opinions come rebellion. The lack of rebellion prevents change for the majority and a fair possibility in living an egalitarian lifestyle. Becoming the benefactors of fascism is the only role that’s assigned to “subjects”, while politicians willingly and avidly play the role of slaughterer. This YouTube clip, as it demands justice and efficient change from the institutions in power, raises all sorts of questions that have for so long been brushed under the rug. Whatever happened to the idea of equality? It should probably be used only in the milieu of utopia.